About us

Blackthorn Productions is a Guelph based company that specializes in  Medieval Education and Entertainment. Our purpose is to dispel common misconceptions about the middle ages. We endeavour to do this through the use of “living history presentations.” Our programs include festivals, live theatre, educational programs, workshops and customized presentations. Blackthorn Productions provides a complete, fun filled family oriented experience. Blackthorn has been educating and entertaining young and old for 13 years and has been expanding it’s horizons to include theatre and film projects as well as Stage Combat workshops for the public, theatre companies and high school drama classes.  Our programs conform to the Ontario Social Studies (Grade 4) Curriculum for Medieval History.

Going back to his roots, Artistic Director Ian Walsh, is in the process of writing and producing film, television and theatre projects for Blackthorn Productions.  This has been made possible, in part, with a recent partnership with Lolabo Pictures in Kitchener-Waterloo.  Although Medieval will always be a passion the company needs to diversify and spread its wings.  In future look for other projects like public festivals, workshops and whatever crazy projects we can come up with.

Ian Walsh
Lord Aelrec, Earl of Blackthorn

Ian Walsh is the Artistic Director and Founder of the company. With over 25 years of theatre, film, medieval reenactment and teaching experience, Ian is a font of knowledge with a passion and love for what he does that shines through with every presentation.

Richard A. Crossman
Baron Guillaume(William) Fitzurse

Rachelle Allen
Baroness Fitzurse

Lord Normand
Steward to the Earl

Jack Slap
Jester to the Earl

Les Brown
Sir Angus
Knight templar in service to the Earl

Mark Taylor
Sir Marcus

Jeff Blakeney

Gil Beaulieu
Magician to the Earl

Pam Hewitt
Lady Margaret of Wolverton

Justin Rus
Squire to the Earl

Eric Blanchard
Squire to the Earl

Patrick Horgan
Squire to the Earl

Shyler Hendrickson
Heinrik Nilsson
Squire to the Earl

Shahab Peer
Squire to the Earl