Stage Combat Workshops

Designed for any grade of High School Drama class, this workshop demonstrates the safety and basics of what Staged Violence really is. From Chokes and slaps to punches and kicks, various moves will be demonstrated and then the students will get to try them out. Spread over two class period(2 days), this allows for demonstration and teaching on Day 1, followed by review, rehearsal and presentation of a short sequence of choreography on Day 2.

For those students enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Major program with an interest in Stage Combat, special workshops can be arranged which includes a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate does not denote any form of Certification in Stage Combat, only that they have completed the course with Ian Walsh and Blackthorn Productions. The timeframe for this program can be a full day, half day or worked over a number of classroom sessions. It is recommended that this program be done over a minimum 3-4 hour time frame either on the same day or broken up as needed. Student numbers will be limited to 20-30 students for the shorter time frame. For larger groups it is recommended that a full day be set aside for the program. A per student rate will be charged with a minimum of 20 students for it to go ahead.


Drama Classes: One 2 day session – $339 includes HST ($150+HST per day(class)

Specialist High Skills Major: Minimum 20 student at $25+ HST per student.

If multiple schools are in attendance, each school will be invoiced separately. Full contact information is therefore required for each school at time of booking. As well we will need a list of all the names of all students attending for the certificates.

Private & Group lessons

Whether you want to learn to use a sword, your hands or just how to move and fall safely we have the workshop for you. Private and Group lessons are available.

Beginning level forms:

  • Unarmed
  • Single Sword
  • Staff


Private Lessons: One on one lessons – $25/hour + HST, Minimum 6 hours
Group Lessons: Set classes are a minimum of 20 hours per form (Sword, unarmed, staff ,etc.) @ $300/student/form. Minimum 6 students.

Please Note: The following workshops are not certification programs and should not be thought of as such.