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Guelph, ON
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Greetings to all Grade 4 Teachers,

   It is that time of year again to start booking for your Grade 4 Medieval Unit.  But first, I would like to introduce Blackthorn Productions new General Manager, Richard Crossman and our new Education Coordinator, Christine Girardi.  Over the next few months Christine will be taking over all the dealings with the schools and you the teachers.  Until then you can still contact me with all inquires and bookings.  The usual contact information will remain the same but please check the web site for additional contact information for each department.
Among the changes to Blackthorn over the past months we have revamped our pricing structure and programs offered.  The only thing not to change is our commitment to high quality programming. As before a deposit will be required to finalize and lock in your booking.  The deposit will be 25% of the total amount charged. The deposit is non-refundable 7 days prior to the event. In the event a postponement is requested, we will do our best, but will not guarantee due to the volume of requests at certain times of the year. For those schools that booked with us for the 2009-2010 season, you will receive a special rate if bookings are in before January 31, 2011.  Contact me for details.
As always our Living History presentations include our Touch & Try On Displays with Authentic Medieval Artifacts, Q & A, Dress the Knight, Talk on the Crusades and Combat Demonstration.  We have expanded our array of quality workshops to add to your existing presentation or to be used as stand alone units.  There is a complete list of programs and prices at the end of this letter.  Don’t forget to ask about our Referral Program to gain some well deserved savings on your next presentation.
For more information or to book please call 519-760-2238 or email at blackthorn@look.ca. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Yours truly,
Ian Walsh


Base Package (3 hours) $500

Full Day Package (Start of school till about 2:30pm) $800

Festival Package (Full school day) $1500

Workshops Choices and Additional Costs:

These workshops may be booked separately or as an addition to your package. 
Please Note: Not all workshops are available at all times.  Please ask for availability when booking.

For $200 each:                                                    For $250 each:

Heraldry                                                              Chain-maille Making
Castles                                                                Medieval Dancing
The Feudal System                                             Period Costuming                               
Children in the Middle Ages                              Period Games      
The Crusades                                      

For $300 each:

Long Bow Making Demonstration
Siege Weapons
Medieval food