Blackthorn Productions brings the medieval era to your classrooms and offers your students a chance for a kinaesthetic, interactive experience. Check out our array of set presentations or let us help you customize your own event.


If you have ever wanted to sample some aspects of the middle ages our workshops can help you find your way.  Whether it making chain-maille or creating you own coat of arms there is something for you.  All workshops can be done one on one or in groups.  


Stage combat is the illusion of violence.  Just as a magician uses slight hand and misdirection to make an audience believe what they are seeing is real, we use similar techniques to make violence believable and safe.  These workshops can be done for High School Drama or for private groups and individuals


Blackthorn Productions has started to branch out into their own productions. 
Whether it be theatre or on film keep an eye here for links to our projects.  We will also be listing any services we can provide to other productions.  This could range from rental of specialist equipment to Fight direction or even providing a full fight team for your production.