Ideal Locations for workshops

Gymnasiums, dance studios, rehearsal spaces, community halls or sufficiently large enough rooms offer us the best space to give these workshops. Understandably, the students will need plenty of room to allow for maximum movement. When making your arrangements with us, please let us know roughly the dimensions of the space in which we will be working. Please Note: If there are mats available for use, let us know in advance so we can plan for work on falls, rolls and the like.

Please note that a travel fee may be charged for workshops outside the Guelph area. Call for the details.


Heraldry is the arrangement of Charges or Devices on a shield, which identify a Knight, Noble or King on the battle field. They are used to represent and trace his lineage. Heraldry emerged in the mid 12th century over a wide area of Europe. Learn how it all began and if heraldry is still used today. The student will be taught the basics of heraldry and its rules. They will then create their own coat of arms following those same rules.
Handouts provided.

Armour & Weapons

Gain a more intimate understanding of the weapons of war and the armour that protected the medieval Knight. Explore the evolution of weapons and armour and see how one influenced the other with these Touch & Try On displays.

Castles and Seige engines

Let our experts on Siege warfare explain just what it took to lay siege to a castle and how the castles were built to withstand them. Explore the first castles to the mighty stone fortresses of the 12th century and beyond. Following the introduction and Q&A the students will get to launch one of 2 table top Trebuchets at one of our Knights or teachers.

Daily Life

Through actual Medieval Artifacts and reproduction pieces you will explore what people did and why in the Middle Ages. Discussion will consist of the jobs that people did and why, why certain things were done and how they differ from today.