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Workshops Package

Please Note: The following workshops are not certification programs and should not be thought of as such.

Currently there are two main types of workshops being offered:

Ideal Locations for Workshops

Gymnasiums, dance studios, rehearsal spaces, community halls or sufficiently large enough rooms offer us the best space to give these workshops. Understandably, the students will need plenty of room to allow for maximum movement. When making your arrangements with us, please let us know roughly the dimensions of the space in which we will be working. Please Note: If there are mats available for use, let us know in advance so we can plan for work on falls, rolls and the like.

Please note that a travel fee may be charged for workshops outside the Guelph area. Call for the details.

Medieval Workshops


(Note: for Grade 4’s and Birthdays the basic level will be done and materials will be provided.)

Basic: An introduction to making chainmaille.

Learn the standard 4-in-1 European pattern. Appropriate for ages 10 to adult. Maximum of 10 students, minimum of 5. Pliers and rings provided. Additional rings may be provided at an extra cost and pliers may also be purchased.

Intermediate: An continued exploration of making chainmaille.

Once the basic 4-in-1 pattern has been mastered the student may wish to explore many of the different weaves and patterns available. Up to 2-3 different weaves/patterns will be taught. Previous experience with maille making or taking the Basic course is required to take this level. Appropriate for ages 13 to adult. Maximum of 10 students, minimum of 5. Pliers and rings provided. Additional rings may be provided at an extra cost and pliers may also be purchased.

Advanced – Jewellry:

With a small number of different weaves under their belt some students may wish to make more decorative items. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are just a few of the items that can be made in this course. Each student will be guided through a project of their choosing. Previous experience with maille making or taking the Basic and Intermediate courses is required to take this level. Appropriate for ages 13 to adult. Maximum of 5 students. Pliers, rings and some findings provided. Additional rings in silver or adonized alluminum and findings will be provided at an extra cost. Jewellers pliers may also be purchased.

Advanced – Armour/Clothing:

Using the 4-in-1 pattern from the Basic level course the student will be shown how to make a maille hood or coif. Techniques for tailoring maille to fit the body will be discussed and demonstrated while the student progresses with their coif. Previous experience with maille making or taking the Basic & Intermediate courses is required to take this level. Appropriate for ages 13 to adult. Maximum of 10 students, minimum of 5. Pliers and rings provided. Additional rings will be provided at an extra cost. Pliers may also be purchased.


Learn why knights wore different symbols and colours into battle. Learn how it all began and if heraldry is still used today. The student will be taught the basics of heraldry and its rules. They will then create their own coat of arms following those same rules. Handouts provided. Approprite for ages 10 to adult. Maximum of 10 students. Students are asked to bring pencil crayons or markers with them for colouring in their creation. For an additional fee the group will be privided with small wooden shields, paint and brushes to create their coat of arms. (Note: Shields provided for Grade 4’s at extra charge and dependent on availability)

Period Games

The students will learn about a selection of ancient and medieval games and how to play them. They will then be given the opportunity to create one of these on paper to take home. Games pieces and handouts provided. Extra game pieces and wooden game boards may be provided for an extra charge. Students are encourged to bring pencils, erasers, pencil crayons or markers to create and decorate their game boards. Appropriate for ages 10 to adult.

Period Clothing

Students will be shown various medieval costumes for both men and women. They will be able to try some of them on and see what it was like in the day. Appropriate accessories will also be shown and discussed. Techniques for creating costumes from scratch or from things around the house will be shared. Appropriate for ages 10 to adult.

An activity is in the works and will be coming soon. A materials fee will apply.

Medieval Dance – Coming Soon

Learn the steps for up to 3 different medieval dances. Appropriate music will be provided. Dance styles, music and dance ettiquette will also be discussed. Comfortable shoes and clothing recommended. Maximum of 10 students per class.

Armour and Weapons

Gain a more intimate understanding of the weapons of war and the armour that protected the medieval Knight. Explore the evolution of weapons and armour and see how one influenced the other. Ages 10 to adult.

Seige Engines – Coming Soon

How did you break into someone elses castle after they have locked the gates? Explore the many different machines used to break down castle walls or to scale over them. See small scale versions up close and see the way they work. You may even get a chance to launch a tennis ball or bean bag across the room or lawn. Appropriate for all ages. Parental supervision for younger children required.

A materials fee will apply

Textiles – Coming Soon

Learn how different materials were gathered prepared and spun. Then learn how the thread or yarn was then turned into material. Dying, spinning and weaving were all necessary steps for the medieval peasant if they wanted clothes to wear. No shopping sprees at the mall back then. There will be a materials fee charged for any equipment or supplies used by the students. All projects may be taken home by the student. Appropriate for ages 13 to adult.

Medieval Artifacts – Coming Soon

Examine real medieval artifacts, hold a peice of history in your hand. Discuss the techniques, reasons for and materials used to make both beeautiful and utilitarian objects. For the younger student, pick your favourite artifact and create your own out of clay. A materials fee will apply for this addition. Ages 10 to adult.

Medieval Food – Coming Soon

Discuss what they ate and when they ate it. Compare what the peasants ate to what the nobles ate. Did they use forks? You may even get a chance to sample some medieval food.

Castles –Coming Soon

Learn how early castles were built and how they evolved through the middle ages. Explore the inside of a real castle and learn what went on and what all the rooms were for.

Women in Medieval Life – Coming Soon

What was life like for women in the middle ages. Explore this from the perspective of both peasant and noble Lady

Children in the Middle Ages – Coming soon

The Feudal System – Coming Soon

How did medieval society work and who was at the top? Who did all the work and who gave all the orders? Learn about the sytem that shaped Europe for hundreds of years. Create your own fuedal state using your family tree as a guide.

The Crusades – Coming Soon

Learn why the crusades happened and the real reasons behind them. Explore the relationship between Christian, Muslim and Jew. Create your very own pilgrims badge from clay.

Theatre Workshops

Introduction to Improv

This will introduce the students to the main Principles of Improv through Interactive Games and Situations. This program will be tailored to either Elementary School students or Secondary School students, as required.

Improvisational Theatre

For the more advanced Theatre and/or Drama Students, a workshop on how to create scenes in Improvisational Theatre. Emphasis will be on working Short and Long Form Styles of Improv. This will provide students with an opportunity to learn how to establish trust between partners, the dynamics of power struggles, and how to establish status and characters in the scenes. The students will be working in groups to create and solve different situations.

Theatrical Production

Theatrical Production Program leads the class into the workings of a show. We teach the students the various roles required to put a production on the stage. We clearly demonstrate all the steps necessary to take a show from a script idea to a production in front of an audience. In this class we define the following roles:

This is essentially a two part class on the basics of putting on a show, and while it will stand on it’s own, the second class will concentrate on the artistic and the conceptual aspects of the theatrical experience.

Stage Combat

Our stage combat workshops are appropriate for ages 10 to adult. Whether exploring armed or unarmed combat, safety is paramount and no student will do anything they are uncomfortable with. Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended.

In this workshop, you will set out to learn the following:

Appropriate for High School Drama Classes, Community or professional theatre companies. Group and private lessons available, please contact us for pricing details. Volume discounts available, contact us for details.

Stage Combat - Armed (Sword)

This workshop is designed for the beginner who has little or no knowledge of the sword and will cover a broad range of techniques. This will allow the student to later pursue other specific sword forms such as rapier and broadsword. Below are examples of what will be taught:

Short history of the sword, Discussion of weapons and various component parts, Applications of the sword and safety, Terminology, Foot work, Blade work , Choreography

Stage Combat - Unarmed

This workshop is designed to give a general understanding of the safety and techniques of Unarmed Stage Combat. Through terminology and hands on activity the student will learn the illusion of violence. The student will be taught how to fall, kick, punch, slap as well as many other techniques. These will form a complete fight scene which will be then presented to the class.


Flat rates available for High Schools and larger or multiple groups. Contact us for details.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required before first class. The balance will be due no later than the first day of class. All fees may be paid by cash or cheque(Payable to Blackthorn Productions)


** For more information or to book please call 519-760-2238 or email at Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.